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29. ledna 2011 v 17:59 | Lucissh
Today is the last day of these challenges, so.. give me some more days for prepared new round and awards:) The last entries asi from: Elle, Klariska (4×!), Freezy, Alexia (3×), Kyky and Namone (2×);) so thank you girls!:)

Absolutely wow! During two weeks, I received 29 entries! Its so great for me:)) I´m really happy:) So, thank you so much: Sara (5×!!), Tini (2×), Tuanny Martins, Babunka (3×), Fleur (2×), Kyky, Nina, Lucas Kenji (3×), Clare, Joril (2×), QuiteBizarre (5×!!), Freezy and Zelená Vzteky (2×) :))

And, I´ve added my new aff, its Clarissa from jetaime-blends :P

At last, I want to show you my deviantArt, there are my all artworks, So, if you want, you can check them;) Thanks :P


Hi! I´m so so sorry, do too long delayed, because I was so busy about school.. But, new round is here:P With The Vampire diaries, Rachel McAdams, Jessica Biel, Lea Michele and Milla Jovovich ;) I hope, that you´ll like it and participate:)
Awards are up, everybody founds your awards:P ;) So, I´m looking forward to your amazing entries!

submit form is number 3:-)
and challenges number 2..

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1 Nicole* Nicole* | Web | 29. ledna 2011 v 18:07 | Reagovat


2 Jiajia Jiajia | Web | 29. ledna 2011 v 23:49 | Reagovat

I love your website design :)

3 Piperka Piperka | Web | 1. února 2011 v 23:18 | Reagovat

New design is amazing, really, I love it! Thanx for awards and I hope I'll have time to participate in the new rounds:)

4 Babunka Babunka | Web | 5. února 2011 v 13:31 | Reagovat

oh shit! nádhernej design

5 Zdenča Zdenča | Web | 26. února 2011 v 17:37 | Reagovat

Prosím hlásneš mi do soutěže?http://fotografickasoutez.blog.cz/1102/vyhodnoceni-fotografii-2-kola
je to fotka číslo 6. Díky
PS: sry za reklamu

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