Updates: rounds 71-75

29. srpna 2011 v 11:53 | Lucissh
Hi guys.. I´m really really sorry for my long delay.. but I´m very busy about school. So, just sorry :( I´m lazy, but you´re amazing! You sent me a lot of entries!! Thanks all: Babunka, Freezy (2×), Nicki, Kyky (2×), Vanessa (3×), MAKY.OREL (2×), Heidi (3×), nightsun (2×), Katy (2×), Lulu, BTTRFLYKISS and interrobang?!(2×)! Thanks again!

Hi dears ;) Here are new rounds, awards are up, so check them.. hope you like it ;)
There are new challenges witch Frida Gustavsson, Coco Rocha, Miranda Kerr and Emma Watson ;) I hope, that you´ll like it and you will participate:)

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